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Adult Dental Care – What Special Issues Should I Be Aware Of?

Adult Dental Care

Many adults think that regular dental visits aren’t as essential as they were in their younger years. In reality, adults are at risk of many dental problems they did not have to deal with as teenagers, making preventive dentistry essential. Following are some special issues that may affect your oral health in adulthood.

Periodontal (Gum) Disease

After age 35, patients are more prone to tooth loss due to periodontal disease than to tooth decay. The first stage of gum disease known as gingivitis is a preventable condition, so it’s important to catch it before it progresses.

Tooth or Root Decay

Adults are more susceptible to developing decay on the teeth and root surfaces. Make sure to maintain meticulous oral hygiene practices and schedule your routine cleanings. During your visit, we will clean your teeth at and below your gumline to keep dental decay at bay.

Tooth Sensitivity

Gums naturally recede over time, exposing parts of the tooth not protected by enamel. Tooth wear may also take place, leaving areas prone to sensitivity to hot or cold foods or drinks. Sensitivity may, at times, indicate cavities or cracks or fractures of the teeth.

Oral Cancer

The risk of oral cancer increases with age, especially in tobacco or alcohol consumers. Detecting signs of oral cancer during a routine dental exam can potentially be a lifesaver.

Dry Mouth

Dry mouth increases with age and can result from medications or medical conditions. If left untreated, dry mouth can potentially cause tooth and root decay, which may lead to a host of dental problems.

Damaged Restorations

Fillings don’t last forever. If they start breaking down, bacteria can get underneath them, causing deep decay, and potentially affecting the roots and nerves. Routine checkups will help identify damage to your restorations, allowing for prompt treatment before the condition progresses.

Quality Preventive Care Near Me

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