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Dental Bridges in Murphy, TX

With the many options available to restore missing teeth, many people are opting for dental bridges rather than dentures. At  Murphy Dental Home, we are committed to delivering quality, affordable restorations using cutting-edge technology and proven techniques. We look forward to helping you look, feel, and smile your best!


Dental Bridges Overview


A dental bridge is a fixed restoration used to replace one or multiple missing teeth. They come with a series of artificial teeth known as pontics that we anchor to crowns placed on adjacent teeth or implants, also known as abutment teeth. Although pontics are available in different materials, they are typically made from porcelain to aesthetically blend in with the surrounding natural teeth. Bridges deliver dramatic results, restoring your beautiful smile and your confidence.


What Are the Benefits of Dental Bridges?


Bridges offer a quick, simple, and cost-effective solution for replacing missing teeth. They provide an excellent restorative option when bone loss is present, without having to resort to bone grafting surgery.


Dental bridges restore your ability to chew with ease and to speak clearly. They maintain the shape of your face and help prevent the remaining teeth from shifting out of position. Failing to restore missing teeth often results in changes to your bite, which in turn can pose an increased risk of developing gum disease, tooth decay, and many other dental problems. With bridges, you’ll enhance the quality of your life, and will restore your healthy, confident smile!


What Is the Procedure?


During your initial appointment, we will prepare your abutment teeth. The procedure involves removing a thin layer of enamel to make room for your dental crown, followed by making an impression of your teeth to create a model that we will use to fabricate your dental bridge with precision. We will provide you with a temporary restoration to protect your teeth and gums from damage.


During a follow-up appointment, we will fit you with your new bridge. We will provide you with information on caring for your restoration. With good oral hygiene and regular checkups, your bridges can last 5 to 15 years, or even longer!


Caring for Your Bridge


It's important to keep your teeth healthy and strong because the success of your dental bridge depends on the solid foundation provided by the surrounding teeth. We recommend brushing twice a day and flossing daily to help prevent tooth decay and gum disease. It’s also important to come in for your regular checkups so that we can keep an eye on your restoration. That will enable us to identify and treat any problem before it progresses, allowing you to enjoy a healthy, confident smile for years to come.


Quality Dental Bridges Near Me


Visit us at Murphy Dental Home in Murphy, TX to learn more about dental bridges along with the other quality restorations we offer. With our cutting-edge technology and our commitment to excellence, you can trust that your smile is in capable hands. We look forward to caring for all your dental needs. Call today!

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