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Dentures in Murphy, TX

If you are looking for a way to replace missing teeth, you may want to consider our quality, affordable dentures. With their long history of success, dentures continue to be the choice restorations for many patients who desire options to rebuild their smiles. We, at Murphy Dental Home, look forward to helping you live your life to the fullest and smile with confidence once again.


Dentures Overview


For thousands of years, dentures have been used to replace teeth. Our first President George Washington had a set of dentures that almost looked like wood because of how stained they were. Today’s dentures are far more advanced and stand up to the test of time much better than our first president’s set.


Modern dentures are removable, custom-made artificial teeth and gums that replace missing teeth. They are designed to look and function like your natural teeth. Your restorations come with prosthetic teeth fixed to plastic bases that mimic the appearance of natural gums. Many patients choose dentures to restore their smiles due to their low cost as compared to bridges or implants, or if they are not candidates for dental implants.


Conventional vs. Immediate Dentures


Complete dentures restore your smile when all your natural teeth are gone.  There are two types of full dentures: Conventional and immediate.


Conventional Dentures: If you need to have any teeth remaining removed, you will need to wait for healing before fitting you with your conventional dentures. Healing typically takes a few months, during which your jawbone will experience changes in its shape and form. We will provide you with temporary dentures while waiting so you won’t have to go without teeth a single day. Once healing is complete, we will fit you with your conventional dentures and will make any needed adjustments to ensure the best fit, comfort, and function.


Immediate Dentures: We place these restorations as soon as we extract any remaining teeth. These types of dentures will likely require relining and adjustments a few months down the road to ensure they fit well after healing.


Life With Dentures


After a short adjustment period, your dentures will look and feel like your natural teeth. You will speak and smile with confidence, and you will be able to enjoy all your favorite foods. You may choose to use dental adhesives for added stability. However, well-fitting dentures will not need adhesives to stay securely in place.


We encourage you to keep up with your dental appointments to allow us to monitor your new dentures. With time, we may need to reline them or to make adjustments to ensure continued fit and comfort. With proper care, your dentures can last for years to come!


Quality Dentures in Murphy, TX


Contact us at Murphy Dental Home to learn more about restoring your smile using dentures. Dr. Gandhi and her outstanding team are committed to delivering gentle care and quality procedures to our valued patients. We look forward to helping you enjoy life to the fullest!


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